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Our goals over at CYNO are simply to: Connect YOU with your family and friends, across the global for FREE and with ease. Within an environment where you are able to customise your status with audio instead of basic text, Send text/picture messages with ease by using PicTxt and MANY more exclusive features only available on CYNO!

* Others devices will supported soon.


Your voice says it all!

Ever felt like literally saying what's on your mind? Leave an Audio Status for your contacts to hear.

Save time with a Whisper

Whilst you're within a group chat you can send a message directly to a selected user without anyone else seeing.

Presenting PicTxt...

What comes first the Text or the Picture...? PixTxt eliminates that exact option by allowing you to do both within a single message!

Premium Support

If you have any issues or problems with CYNO please do not hesitate to get in touch with our support team by clicking here.


We value your privacy and security which is why we're using the latest 256bit encryption and a HIGHLY secure SSL.


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